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NEW BOOK by Richard C. Vaughn - January 2018 "Satan's All Time Greatest Deception" - The Bible says his end time delusion will deceive the whole world. Learn what it is and how to escape it. He even has Sabbath-keepers breaking the first commandment. Next to your Bible, this could be your most important information book. Read all 290 page pdf book online. Click book graphic to the left.

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In Isaiah 14:14 Satan boasted when he said "I will be like the Most High." Did his boast come true? When you consider the fact that he has 99+% of the Christian world keeping the spurious Sabbath Sunday, his goal was partially accomplished.

How could he take a pioneer doctrine and deceive the Seventh-day Adventist Church into changing it, so as to cause them to not only believe the erroneous changes, but to solidly defend them? The answers are in the pages of this website.

E-book! --- Sister White saw the Alpha of the Apostasy, then said that the Omega of Apostasy is deadly heresy and it made her tremble for our people. The Omega is positively identified and sadly, it is being embraced by the majority of SDA's and are therefore ignorantly commandment breakers because of it. Put prejudice and bias aside and read the whole truth in this eternal life saving e-book titled "Restorer of Paths to Dwell In." We need to restore the beliefs and teaching of our pioneers. Click the page 16 button below.

The Omega of Apostasy Studies 1-6 FREE download of PowerPoint Presentations with either word.doc or pdf scripts. Click Page 19 Below.

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